Joe and Elly Franssen

More than 30 years ago Joe and Elisa purchased Oak Harbor's Sun Crest Motel, and then they went Dutch.

With a name like Franssen, going Dutch made sense. Particularly in a town that is known for it's Dutch heritage. So the Sun Crest was remodeled and enlarged, and for the last few decades people coming to Oak Harbor from the north have been welcomed by the quaint Auld Holland Inn with its look of  old world charm and iconic windmill.

Family is everything to the Franssen's, and they wanted to assure that when you stayed at the Auld Holland Inn, that is exactly how you felt when you walked through the doors, just like family. 

Keeping with the Dutch architecture, antique furnishings, and colorful gardens they wanted their guests to have an experience as if they were stepping back in time with all of its "Old World Charm". 

The family would like to thank you for choosing the Auld Holland Inn for your stay and  would expect you to have a fabulous experience. Thank you......

Or as they say in Dutch ............ Dank Je